Patient Experience

Collect patient feedback at every touchpoint. Use APIs to automate feedback collection by connecting to your CRM. Analyse responses using NLP. Improve patient experience by closing the loop with an integrated case management system.

Healthcare Professional Insights

A comprehensive platform to engage and capture health professionals’ insights and share knowledge. Engagement surveys help tackle the challenges of understanding evolving needs and necessary supports. Dashboards, Sentiment Analysis and Anonymity deliver real insights.

Market Research Tool

Secure online survey software with the most advanced features. Our comprehensive tool offers engaging survey design, multi-channel distribution and complete analytics. The most sophisticated research platform in the industry delivers powerful knowledge, from segmentation to sentiment analysis.

Assessment Quizzes

Time-saving secure assessments that drive learning and provides in-depth results, not just the basics. We create and launch self-scoring quizzes that reveal instant insights. Measure everything from training progress to regulatory compliance.